Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Expert Identification Of Insects And Causes Of Infestation

Inspector Scott A Orton SPI RHI CHC

Has Been A Structural Pest Inspector

Since 2003

Campanotus Modoc (Carpenter Ants)

Because Carpenter Ants Can Potentially Cause Significant Damage To Wood Structures, Homeowners Should Contact A Licensed Pest Management Professional For Treatment

Reticulitermes Hesperus (Western Subterranean Termites)

Termites Are Among The Most Important Structural Insect Pests In The Pacific Northwest and It Is Believed That They Cause As Much Property Damage Each Year As Fire

Professional Mold & Moisture Inspections

Mold Is A Sign Of Moisture Intrusion

Mold & Moisture Intrusion Inspection Included With Every Complete Home Inspection

Mold Can Grow In Strands

Often Mold Can Be Found On Dry Surfaces Far Away from The Moisture Intrusion Area. Many Home Owners Living With Mold Have Reported Symptoms Of Respiratory Illness That Mimic Colds

Mold Magnified Under Electron Microscope

 When Mold Spores Are Inhaled, They Travel Into The Lungs And Settle Within The Small Cavities Called Pulmonary Alveoli, Where They Begin To Grow Into A Fungal Ball, Which In Turn Releases Toxins Into The Body. Lung Defense Mechanisms Usually Suppress The Growth Of Unwanted Microorganisms By Producing Mucus In Order To Expel Them, But The Fungus Has Some Unique Properties That Make Them More Difficult To Expel. Continued Efforts To Expel The Fungus Sends Lung Defenses Into Overdrive Causing Excess Mucus Buildup And Respiratory Difficulty Due To Inflammation In The Lungs And Airways.